Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cravings and surprises

I was craving oatmeal this morning. For me, the only proper oatmeal is McCann's Irish Oatmeal - but I am probably biased :-)

Oatmeal with a dollop of peanut butter, banana and drizzled with honey.

People tend to shy away from their cravings. But I am of the firm belief that a craving is your bodies way trying to get you to take in the nutrients it needs. Now, I am not speaking about emotional eating - that's a different kettle of fish.

For example, if I suddenly have a craving for potato chips - I don't run out and eat a whole bag of Lays. I stop, think about it, and usually decide I am low on healthy fats or trace minerals (which for me usually results in a craving for salt).

And speaking of cravings, the dogs were a surprise this morning. You'll notice that I have peanut butter on my oatmeal. This usually results in Connor having apoplectic fits of anticipation. 

But not today. He didn't even notice when I made that dish. 

To my shock, BOTH dogs started getting really excited when I started making this:

I used a seasoned strip of nori - wet one edge with water and sealed in into a tube. I carefully removed any chestnut nuggets from some of the leftover chestnut and mushroom quinoa from last night (I know I am a good doggie mom :-)).

I filled the nori tube to the top with quinoa and topped with a tiny dollop of yogurt. 

At this point the dogs were following me around like sou chefs. Little hairy sou chefs that don't help with anything and only want to eat...

I am still trying to figure out what part of this concoction they were craving??

Maybe some caffeine will help get the brain cells working.


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