Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lunch, lounging and scary movies

The dogs vetoed the outing. I gathered up all of their things and stood at the door with leashes in hand - and nothing...

Abby was busy sunning herself. 

A true California girl - sunshine above all!

And why are you interrupting my sunbathing???

So a leisurely Saturday it was. Connor was doing the male dog/lounging/taking up the whole surface area of the bed thing (no picture of that - believe me - I'm doing you a favor).

And I decided to go with the flow and watch a movie. You should know - I love horror movies. The more campy, schlocky and/or adding nothing beneficial to humanity the better. But this one was surprisingly good. 

If you are afraid of heights and hate being cold - you will love this one. Pretty darn scary - in a good way. 

I made this for lunch:

Blanched collard greens on a white corn tortilla.

Add in some frozen corn heated up in the microwave. 

 Some avocado.

 And some salsa. It was great. Now to finish watching the scary movie :-)


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