Friday, February 11, 2011

Tummy troubles and thoughts

So, I am home tonight feeling like crap. 

This is my dinner.

Yup, a mug of mint tea. The dogs are quiet, indolent, unable to move - and it is because of me.

And it got me wondering - thinking - about life before having dogs that went all sentient and now work as assistant dogs.My life - before dogs that alerted - was very predictable. I attended to their needs - they did funny things but I never thought it meant anything.

Now that I depend on Connor (Abby alerts too but only in a - "holy crud could the boy do a worse job?" kind of way)  - the relationship is very different.

When Connor needs something - he 'knows' that I understand that he is asking for something. When I say no, either because I am being pissy or busy or dealing with an issue he is unable to foresee - oh, wait, there it is - the bit he can't foresee - and I guess there is the tricky bit - trust. 

When that odd bit hit - the moment he realized he needed (or I needed him to) alert to things - that created the odd teeter totter of trust.

He knows I understand him - or he has a way of making himself understood - if I will listen - and when you know someone CAN understand you and either can't or won't  - holy crud that brings a whole mess of issues into any relationship.

Ok, Connor is poking at me - I should go to bed.

I will tell you the rest later.



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