Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Migraines are BAD!

I gave into a craving for instant noodles with terrible results. MSG is one of the things that - for me - is a guaranteed migraine trigger. I did check out the ingredient list but being the throws of a noodle craving I did not read past the first five - and 30 minutes later when the migraine hit - I finally read ALL of the ingredients and sure enough hidden in very long ingredient list was the dreaded MSG!

Needless to say the planned trip to the pet store to get more kibble never happened. The dogs did win out on this one - Later that evening I made roast chicken breast with quinoa and steamed spinach.

The dogs had golden brown chicken breast over herbed quinoa and steamed spinach with a drizzle of Udo's oil which made it look like the meal had been sprinkled with clarified butter - Yum!! The dinner looked so beautiful it made me very sad that my camera has not arrived yet.

I had the browned chicken breast with teriyaki glaze, garlic herbed quinoa with steamed spinach.

I left the garlic out of the dogs version (garlic is fine for dogs in small amounts) because I tend to save garlic for their favorite dishes such as tomato glazed turkey meatloaf.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waiting for the camera

I made chicken breast marinated in balsamic vinegar and herbs de provenance with steamed sweet potatoes and green beans. The dogs enjoyed shredded broiled chicken with dried anchovies.

Abby thought the dried anchovies were a visionary addition - but since she shares with her mother Sheba an uncontrollable obsession with all things fish related - I doubt her opinion is unbiased.

My camera produced pictures not worthy of the internet so I have ordered a new camera and while I wait for it to arrive I will include two shots of the beastlies - Connor and Abby!

Thanks to Joyce Chin for the gorgeous pictures of the dogs!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Here we go!

This is the start of what I hope will be an enjoyable if not, fun, messy, frustrating and eventually liberating endeavor. The savory part of the title speaks to my love of all things savory and corresponding mild to excessive dislike of all things sweet. The savage? That would be my two dogs (delicately furred and feathery sighthounds) who always get to participate in my cooking (the eating part mostly - but I am training them to do some mean whisking in the future) and are unfortunately, completely honest in their opinions - although my female is prone to fits of peevishness so I chock up some of her *fail* opinions to just being contrary.

I make my own creations and I conjure up a modified version of the same recipe for the dogs - usually omitting ingredients that would not agree with them and adding in items that add nutrition into their
monotonous diet of kibble.

I am shooting for tomorrow as the day for my first full blog post!