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My name is Emily and I enjoy cooking for myself and my dogs. Well, mostly me, but the dogs get to enjoy the fruits of my labors some of the time.

I do believe that food should be enjoyed and that if you focus on nutrition and not calories - things tend to keep a balance on their own.

For the next 6 months I have put aside a 'regular job' and I am diving into one of the scariest endeavors of all (at least for me) - writing a novel.  

How does cooking and blogging fit into novel writing? I am finding that when I am at a sticking point in my writing, the art and act of cooking and creating blog posts really does help get things 'unstuck' so to speak.

I live in Northern California and I used to work as a movie metadata manager - which is just a fancy way of saying I made sure all the information related to a movie title was complete and correct. 

My brain now holds reams upon reams of useless movie facts.

I also make my dogs special treats or meals when one of three things occur:

1) I have run out of kibble for the billionth time

2) They express an interest in a specific ingredient I am using

3) I am having a bout of excess creativity and I feel like making them something fun.

If you have a question, want to make a comment or if you want to try and stump me with a random movie question - you can reach me at




  1. I live in Nor Cal as well! Great to connect:)

  2. Hey there. Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you at the FoodBuzz Festival! :):):)