Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Childhood comfort

We all have the dishes we grew up with that make us feel loved. 

This is mine.

This is the dogs version - a little too meat heavy and not enough potatoes for the human version. 

 But it all started with this - 

Chop up several potatoes - my choice - Yukon gold - so I don't have to add butter. 

Ok, I am sharing here. This is my fry pan. It is well seasoned.  People that love pristine things will not love him. Yes, he is well carbonized. He has seen better days. We have been through a lot of things together. I don't mind if he has a few dings - in fact, I like that. 

He, in turn, is able to - with one drop of oil -

repel any form of food sticking to him. He can, with puffed out chest, roll out an omelet with no effort. 

Who could not love a pan that does everything you want with a scruffy attire and a double timbre voice (aka. Sam Elliot) - A cowboy that can walk into the room - give you 'that look' - and handle anything you dish out? 

Oh, yes, we all love that. 

Back to the recipe - tonight, ground turkey goes into the pan with a drop of coconut oil.

Break it up into small pieces as it browns. 

In a recipe for cottage pie - peas would be the layer between the potato and meat. In an English or Irish Sheperd's pie - it would be peas or corn.  But my dogs do best with carrots. So carrots it is.

The dog version is on the left.

They went  into a 375 F oven for 30 minutes. I fell into an anticipatory coma during that time - so there are no pictures. 

I can assure you that - the dogs got a lovely snack. I did enjoy a childhood meal that still makes me curl up on the couch with a big snugly blanket and feel well loved.  


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