Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ground buffalo skewers with orange and ginger

I did succeed in using up quite a few of the tiny oranges tonight.

Ground buffalo skewers with ginger and orange.
 I started with the ingredients for the buffalo.

Ginger, garlic, panko breadcrumbs, clementines and onion.
Garlic, orange zest and ginger.

Chopped yellow onion.

The skewers were soaked for 30 minutes.

Time to assemble.

Pieces of red bell pepper.

I left the ginger and onion in fairly big chunks because I like the burst of flavor from the onion and the crunch from the ginger. Chop them fine if you prefer.
They skewers went under the broiler for 10 minutes.

While they were cooking away I made a glaze to spoon over the skewers.

Clementines, honey and rice vinegar.

It turned out more to be a basting liquid, but I was OK with that. It ended up having a nice sweet and sour flavor.

After 10 minutes, I basted the skewers with the liquid - turned them and basted the other side.

They went back under the broiler for another 8 minutes.

They came out just right.

The basting liquid added a wonderful sweet and sour taste. The onions added succulent slightly sweet flavor and every once in a while I would bite into a bit of ginger and get a burst of mild, clean spice.

Pretty close to perfect in my opinion.

I am going to ignore the kitchen for the rest of the night :-)


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