Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sooo hungry

I probably should have had a little something for dinner last night because I woke up this morning STARVING. Not a good thing.

I wanted something fast so - 

1 cup of muesli + 1/2 cup of milk + chopped apple + blueberries.

It was just what I needed - quick to make and quick to get in my tummy.

The morning would not be complete without caffeine.

I am amazed how plump and juicy these blueberries have stayed all week long.

I guess I could call this post "The Ode to Blueberries" except it is neither lyrical or poetic :-)

I am hoping to get in a dog outing later today - we shall see...


  1. Please don't neglect the beverages. What kind of coffee is that in the photo?

  2. That is not coffee - it is very strong tea!

  3. PG tips - 1 bag + 2 cups of hot water + 2 tsp. of milk.

    Oh, yeah, and one very large mug.