Friday, February 4, 2011

Tobuleh anyone?

I met my friend at Murphy Avenue - a cute cobblestone lined street that is packed full with restaurants and cute shops. I am lucky that it is only about 5 blocks away from where I live.

We decided on middle eastern food for lunch so we went here:

Dish Dash has a great reputation. People are always raving about the food so I was excited to try it out.

My friend decided to have the Vegetarian Delight. Which is not shown below but is pretty much the same thing as the Maza Sampler except with added pita bread.

Vegetarian Delight

I had a terrible time deciding - everything looked so good!

I finally went with the lamb kebabs (cooked medium).

Wow, the kebabs were amazing. Even though I ordered them cooked well - they were succulent and tender. I fell in love with the side sauce that tasted like a mix of cilantro and other herbs with lemon.

The magic green sauce.

Next time I think I would order them medium rare. I am always leery of ordering lamb pink the first time I order it at a new restaurant - because if they do it wrong - the lamb comes out almost inedible. But with this well cooked lamb still being so tender? I would order it medium rare with confidence.

My friend's vegetarian platter was just as delicious. The hummus was rich and dotted with whole cloves of mellow roasted garlic. The tabouleh was lemony, herby and bright.

I didn't sample any of the other things on the vegetarian plate but my friend nearly finished the whole plate and said everything tasted amazing. 

I also tried the Turkish coffee - wow! It was super strong and just a touch sweet. Perfection. 

After we finished our meals - my friend wanted something sweet so we went to check out the gelato at this coffee shop.

I know, I know - I am not the biggest fan of sweets - but I do have them very occasionally - and when I do it has to be something REALLY delicious. And gelato is one of those things.

Decisions, decisions...

My friend got a cup with 1/2 coppa mista and 1/2 creme brulee. I decided on a cup with 1/2 vanilla bean and 1/2 pecan caramel. 

The cup on the top is the coppa mista/creme brullee. The cup on the bottom is the vanilla bean/caramel pecan.

The vanilla bean was delicious - not too sweet and very strong taste of vanilla - Yum! But, unfortunately, the caramel/pecan was way too sweet for me so I barely touched it.

The dogs and I got invited out for a night of movie watching at a friends house so I am off to watch some silly romantic comedy I am sure :-)

I doubt I will have any dinner - I am too stuffed and the dogs were perfectly happy with their kibble tonight.

See everyone tomorrow!


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