Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A savory morning

And because I am a savory kind of girl...

Another helping of Shepherd's Pie for breakfast - with the addition of baby heirloom tomatoes. 

Can't forget the tea!

Oh, and yesterday I got this for the dogs. 

Yes, that is grass. When I lived in a house (rather than an apartment) I used to plant a bed of sedge grass. The dogs would munch on it like little furry lawn mowers. 

I am contemplating a planter box for my patio so that I could grow some grass for the dogs. 

I could show you a picture of the above mentioned plant after I gave it to the dogs - but it isn't pretty. But it does make me realize I need to get a bit more greens into the beasties diets. 

On the docet for today? Writing - and lots of it. Here is hoping (*crossed fingers*) that after 8 hours of writing I will end up with at least one decent sentence...


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