Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Chowdermobile!

I had a wonderful lunch with my brother. In an effort to recapture fond east coast memories we caught up with Sam's Chowdermobile for lunch.

My brother waiting in line.
I decided to get the lobster roll. Note to self: the portions are generous - I will probably order the 'shorty' roll next time.

The lobster roll had wonderful big chunks of claw meat. Another thing we realized after the fact - remember your order number or your food will sit out and not be at optimal temperature (ie. piping hot) - AND do not take too long taking pictures or things will get colder :-(

The big chunks on top of the roll were just ok - and I was slightly dissapointed until I dug further into the roll and hit the parts in the middle that were still warm. OMG - the flavor was buttery and lobster was succulent and sweet. 

Now I know why people were grabbing their orders and sitting on the nearest possible spot on the curb and digging in right away. So now you know - make sure to eat it while it is hot!

We shared an order of chowder.

We both agreed that the chowder was outstanding. Big sweet chunks of clam in a base that was more brothy than creamy which really brought out the depth of the flavor in the clams.

My brother ordered fish and chips.

The fish was surprisingly moist and each piece of fish was very big. My brother ordered the 3 piece fish and chips and he commented he would probably order the 2 piece next time because it was huge!

We were both pleasantly surprised that the fish was in fact Cod. Out here on the west coast I have found Cod to be hard to come by - and to have fish and chips done so well AND it is Cod?? We were both in heaven. The coleslaw was a delightful mixture of cabbage carrots and a nice - and not too heavy - dressing. The tartar sauce had a nice vinegary bite. The chips were crisp and crunchy. 

I will tell you that my brother was not overjoyed about sharing his fish and chips - yup, they were that good - but he did let me try a bite of everything :-)

After that decadent lunch I think it will be a while before I am hungry for dinner.

I am meeting my sisters and my brother for his birthday breakfast tomorrow. 


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