Monday, February 28, 2011

Hummus and an afternoon of socializing

We did go socializing this afternoon.

Abby and Scout - Abby is still settling down after the noise at my place - Scout was worried about her.

Scout's owner was kind enough to invite us over after hearing about the barrage of noise on the roof.

Abby took a few minutes to relax - but with the help of Scout (who is the calmest dog on the planet) she was soon fast asleep on the couch :-)

Connor was not that bothered by the noise - but I think he may have just been putting on a manly show for Abby - because within 10 minutes he was stretched out on the carpet snoring.

Thanks, Scout!

 Dinner was fast and easy:

Hummus, lettuce, carrot and cucumber.
I am soo hoping they will not be working on the roof tomorrow :-(

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  1. sometimes crudite is all i need for a meal as well

    your dogs are so adorbs!