Thursday, February 24, 2011

Citrus and tea towels

I am still working on the kitchen.

If you picture me working with sustained industry, you would be greatly mistaken. 

I find endless ways to procrastinate. I walk by the kitchen and stare at the job ahead of me (Believe me, my kitchen isn't all that awful, I just really hate organizing).

But, wait, look there - the garbage can is full. Well, I must take that out to the trash bin before I can even contemplate starting on the kitchen.

You can imagine the rest. So, although I am doing things that do need to get done, hardly any of them have had anything to do with the kitchen.

This was my lunch.

I still have most of the box of clementines left. 

Note to self: try to exhibit self control when passing bright and delightfully cute little globes of citrus - especially when it is a whole box of them and you live alone and don't plan to start a roadside fruit stand anytime soon.

Some juicy blueberries on top.
As I plod my way through this kitchen project, I realized I need new dish towels/tea towels. Anyone have a suggestion for some really cute ones I can buy to reward myself for all this hard work?

And I am going to try to find a creative way to use up a bunch of the clementines when I cook dinner.


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