Monday, February 7, 2011

Strawberries and mochas

Ugh, it is Monday. I am sure it is all in my head - but Monday mornings are tough ones. I feel like the effects of gravity are tripled and centered around my bed. It is very difficult getting vertical on a Monday morning.

Cue the mocha:

If I am going to have chocolate - I go for the good stuff. This E. Guittard drinking chocolate is dark and more bitter than sweet - a flavor profile that is right up my alley.

I put together 2 tsp. of instant coffee + 2 tsp. of the drinking chocolate + hot water and milk to taste.

And I picked up some gorgeous, plump strawberries at the market yesterday so I paired that with some doctored-up toast.

Toast with peanut butter and honey.

A very bright, cheerful breakfast with a triple shot of caffeine on the side. It was just what I needed to start off my Monday just right!


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