Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sandwiches, sunsets and Connor round 2

Forgive the horrible pictures - I was immersed in watching horror movies and the light got away from me.

Dinner tonight was a sandwich.

Chicken, mayonnaise, pepper and wheat bread. Simple, satisfying and delicious.

The dogs enjoyed this:

Chicken with a sardine.

Two hours before dinner - and while I was still watching the movie - Connor started in with the poking. The movie was just getting to the mayhem, people in terror parts - ie. all the good bits and Connor came over and it was all, poke, poke, poke.

I wave him off - "Just a minute!" He waits a bit, then poke, poke, poke. 

GAHHHH, I pause the movie and ask, "What is it?" 

He happily trots into the bedroom and points at my phone which is sitting on the night stand. I pick it up - it is blinking because it is almost out of power and needs to be attached to the charger. It must have been beeping for quite a while. 

And, no, Connor did not get a treat for that - but he did get lots of hugs and kisses :-)

And this was the beautiful sunset tonight:

And yes, I am very happy to have two very wonderful dogs.


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