Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Preserves and insomnia

I had another one of those odd nights when I wake up at 3am and there is no hope of getting back to sleep. Even warm milk didn't help.

By 6am I was starving so an early breakfast it was.

Blood orange slices, strips of toast with butter, slices of a Cortland apple and in the center - nectarine and blackberry preserves.

If you have never tried a Cortland apple you should. I grew up in Massachusetts and I have fond memories of going to the apple farm every November and picking up bags and bags of McIntosh and Cortland apples. My mother preferred to use the Cortland apples for baking. They are firm and have a nice tart taste that hold up well to cooking. 

But I think they are delicious any way you can get them. 

I gave up on falling back to sleep at around 5am so this is my third mug of tea. I will be vibrating by noon time...

The dogs were especially interested in the toast this morning so they got this as a snack:

Connor gobbled down pieces of toast with apple, a juicy wedge of blood orange and a drizzle of Udo's oil.

Most dogs don't enjoy citrus fruits - in fact citrus scent is used in dog repellents - but for some bizarre reason Connor enjoys the occasional nibble of orange. 

Abby munched on apples and toast drizzled with Udo's oil.

The dogs have gone back to sleep with contented and full tummies. Sigh, I wish I could do the same.

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