Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My favorite curry

The arrival of sunset at 5:30pm, or so, is the bane of my existence lately. My pictures look horrible after the natural light of the sun has waned.

My sister did point out the fact that the lighting problem would soon change when California 'leaps forward' for the time change. And she did make the very sensible wish, "If only all of life's problems were so easily solved."

So, with that being said, these were the ingredients tonight:

Masaman curry paste, Coconut milk, carrot, potato, onion and basmati rice.

Oh, and I forgot one thing - 

The leftover lamb.

I emptied the can of coconut milk into a sauce pan and stirred in 2 tsp. of the masaman curry paste. You will need to whisk it a bit until it is all combined. 

Then the potato, carrot and onion went in - make sure to chop them in big chunks - it works better that way.

Let it simmer for about 12 - 15 minutes, then when the vegetables are tender add in the cooked lamb. You can substitute chicken, tofu or beef - but if you are using raw meat allow for a longer simmer time till it is cooked through. 

The finished curry.
Masaman curry is slightly sweet with a bit of heat. Think of your favorite beef stew with a little something extra.

I served it over a bed of cooked basmati rice but the light had gone by then so no picture, I am sad to say.

I also enjoyed a side dish of pickled cucumbers.

Shallots work best with this dish but all I had on hand was yellow onion so I used that.

I mixed rice wine vinegar with honey and water - I can't really tell you the amount - you need to do it to your own taste. Add more vinegar if you like them more sour - more honey if you like them more sweet. 

Let them sit in a jar covered in the liquid for at least a couple of hours - I find that overnight works best.

The vinegar taste of the cucumbers pairs wonderfully with the sweetness of the curry.

The dogs were out of luck on this one. The idea of dealing with dogs that ate curry?? *shudder*

See everyone tomorrow!


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