Sunday, February 6, 2011

A surprising find

We ended up leaving later than expected to check out the European market. We decided we were both hungry so we stopped at a taqueria.

The menu was extensive.

I ordered two soft tacos with pork.

The meat was full of flavor and nicely charred on the grill. The green sauce on top put it over the top. 

My friend ordered the hard tacos with beef.

She said her tacos were equally delicious!

Then it was time to hit the market.

The produce was varied and vibrant. I didn't take any pictures because the market was so crowded you could barely get around everyone. Clearly this market is very popular.

I picked up some french cheeses and a bunch of other delicious items that I am sure you will be seeing later this week on the blog. :-)

Time to go watch the Superbowl (for the commercials not the football).


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