Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buffalo burgers

The dogs were very excited about lunch/dinner tonight.

I grilled up the buns. They poked their heads into the kitchen, slightly interested.

I broke out the buffalo meat and they paused. Their long elegant snouts lifted up, scenting the air.

Then they gave each other a look as if to say, "Holy crud, she brought out the good stuff!"

Usually they wind about my legs like temple cats. Tonight they stood back waiting at the doorway to the kitchen. 

Whenever I went back and forth to the dinning room table they immediately scattered and waited patiently - well out of the way. 

My burger looked like this (ignore the bad lighting - it is raining cats and dogs here):

The dogs were ecstatic over this:

 No, that is not ketchup. Yes, I left it a bit rare for them. 

They ate their snack and laid down in their beds with long, protracted groans of satisfaction.

A good day for all of us :-)


  1. Somehow the stuff I make for the dogs always comes out prettier looking than what I make for myself :-)