Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did someone call me?

I was in the mood for something I could scoop up with veggies for my lunch today.

Tuna with carrots, celery, cucumber and baby tomatoes.

I mixed the tuna with some mustard, black pepper and garlic powder.  I would have included some mayonnaise - but with tuna - I can not be trusted with the mayonnaise. Half the bottle will be used before I can blink.

A garnish of black pepper and mustard.

Did someone call me??

Ahh, yes, Abby and her obsession with all things fish related :-)

The dogs did get a small taste of the tuna - trust me on this...


  1. I had a tuna melt for dinner. I think tuna is in the air lately. Your dog is so pretty!

  2. Thanks Maren! Abby also has super soft fur - like a rabbit's - so people are always petting her which only reinforces her long held belief that she is a princess :-)