Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just keep trying

In my never ending quest to use up the ingredients in my fridge I made an odd breakfast.

I took the rest of the peas set them to simmer on the stove on low heat. 

I pureed them with the immersion blender and added in some chunks of mozzarella to make it creamy.

After the mozzarella melted I spooned the peas on a piece of toast.

Peas topped with basil pesto and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

With some strong coffee.

Unfortunately, even though the combination sounded like a good idea - the toast ended up being very soggy and the flavors just didn't blend well together. I just couldn't eat it.

Breakfast take 2:

Toast with mozzarella melted on top.

With basil pesto on top.

This version was much better. It just shows to go 'ya - it always pays to keep trying.

It is still raining buckets here today - the dogs ran out about 3 feet from the doorway - did their business and ran right back in this morning.

I am going to spend doing things that involve spending as little time out in the rain as possible.


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