Thursday, March 31, 2011

The heat has it

The dogs spent the day panting - it was HOT here today!

I have been trying to eat more regular meals - so this afternoon I ate half of this bar as a snack.

I am also trying to get more protein in my diet so this bar fit the bill. It was a little chocolaty and not too sweet. Perfection.

For dinner, I raided the freezer.

Leek soup.
This soup has greatly improved in flavor the more time it spent hanging out in the freezer. Definitely a re-do.

And since this was the last of the batch - I will have to make another big pot of soup - I just have to decide what kind to make.

The coolness of my dessert was much needed today:

Red grapes.

I am excited because tomorrow I am going on a 'field trip' to a foodie place I have been longing to go to for forever.

I am not sure when I will get to post tomorrow - it will probably be on the late side - but I will have lots of great pictures!!


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