Monday, March 28, 2011

Ma-Po Tofu

Tonight I broke out the rest of the tofu.

Soft tofu.
 I wanted something spicy tonight. The decision? Ma-Po tofu.

I sauteed the pork over medium high heat and when it was no longer pink I added in a teaspoon of fresh chopped ginger and a teaspoon of chopped garlic.

When the mixture became fragrant I added in a mixture of 1 Tbsp. of soy sauce, a 1/4 cup of low sodium chicken broth, 1 tsp. of chili paste and 1 Tbsp. of brown sugar.

When everything started to simmer, I added in a couple of handfuls of cubed soft tofu.

And, yes, the dogs were still enthusiastic about the tofu tonight. They each got a cube of tofu before I tossed it into the pan.

Should this be served over a bed of white rice? Yes. But I have been always slightly resentful of the rice soaking up all the saucy goodness, so I ate it solo.

It was incredible - a tiny bit sweet with a nice heat.

And it was fast to make - I recommend it as a quick weeknight dinner. 

The dogs enjoyed this:

Sauteed pork on squares of toast with a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce.


  1. I suppose that this can be made without the pork? I love sweet-hot tofu dishes, and this one sounds great!

  2. It can definitely be made without pork. You can mince some firm tofu and saute or fry it to provide the meat texture. I tend to like soft (not silken) for the cubed tofu that is added in at the end.

    For some reason, in this dish, the texture of minced meat or tofu really helps pull the dish together.