Monday, March 7, 2011

The first one

Today was a day of firsts.

The first day in a while where I have woken up without coughing (yay!).

The first day since Thursday where I just might make it out of the house.

And the first time I have ever tried Siggi's yogurt.

I was braced for the sickly sweet taste of regular yogurts. 

I was very pleasantly surprised. It was not sweet at all - and the flavoring was very subtle.

The yogurt was very thick - thicker than sour cream.


If most people in the world had my taste buds - all of the companies that make the super sweet flavored yogurts would be out of business and only Siggi's would remain.

Yup, I liked it that much :-)

Now, time to gather my strength and get out to the store for soup supplies.

Oh, and no tea this morning because in the piles and piles of construction notices I have received in the last few months I missed the one that said they were turning the water off today - Yes, the fun just keeps coming...


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