Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping focused on a goal

How is everyone else doing with their New Year's resolutions?

This is about the time when even the people that were most dedicated through the months of January and February have started to falter.

I am definitely one of those. One of my resolutions this year was to closely resemble my dogs in svelte-ness.

It is a bit hard to tell in that photo - but Abby is a very slim girl. I am also hoping to glow like Abby :-) - Well, no, not really since that would mean most of my body would be super white...

I have been doing great on the healthy eating part. Even if I cook a heavier dish I have been careful with portion sizes.

Where I am falling off the wagon is with exercise.

This is what I had for breakfast:

One whole egg and two egg whites with spinach and a dollop of pesto with half and apple with greek yogurt and green tea.

See? I am doing fine on the food front. I just need to be more consistent with exercise. When I say exercise, I mean exercise other than walking the dogs.

I am off to see a Chiropractor with my sister this afternoon - hopefully he can help fix my feet.

Anyone else need to recommit to their New Year's resolutions?



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