Saturday, March 12, 2011

And the answer is...

I have been getting questions about what I feed the dogs and Annie's (@ les ouefs brouilles) recent question inspired me to write a post just about what the dogs eat.

Annie's question was:  "Do your dogs eat everything?"

Answer: They pretty much do eat everything - but they do have their particular likes and dislikes. Abby is not a big fan of bananas. Connor - well, Connor does eat just about everything.

But everyone should keep in mind - I have had Connor since the day he was whelped (Lucky me!) so he has been raised eating things other than kibble from the get-go.

The owner of Abby's mother has always fed her dogs things in addition to kibble - so she was used to it before I brought her home.

Introducing any kind of new food (especially if a dog has only been fed kibble) should be done slowly. But that is good advice for anyone - if you have only been eating (for example) oranges - and you suddenly decide to go on a meat-fest - your stomach is not going to be happy. 

I am going to try and tackle the 'feeding the dogs' subject one question at a time. So if you have a question, are wondering about feeding your dog something or anything else - just leave your question in the comments section - I will do my best to answer it.

I did see something I haven't seen in a while this afternoon -

When the moon appeared in the sky in the afternoon my mother called it, "Children's moon."

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  1. oh i love this post!

    it's just refreshing to see owners that feed their dogs other than kibble because i do get criticized for feeding my dogs human food!