Monday, March 14, 2011

On a roll

I decided to tackle the closet project in short bursts. So, every twenty minutes or so, I would take a break and work on the kitchen.

At this point the kitchen project is much further along. Sigh...

If only I could trick my mind so that it thinks the project I do want to finish is actually a way to procrastinate.

Anyone else have a similar contrary nature? 

I did find a package of Soba noodles in the cupboard - 

Soba noodles dressed with a sprinkle of sesame oil, soy sauce and the last little bit of the peanut dipping sauce.


I added some chopped cabbage while the noodles boiled.

Now it is time to head back to facing the closet...

1 comment:

  1. you could make anything look de-li-cious! great even made snapple look cool...
    i'm hungry...

    I love your method of edging around procrastination...i love that technique too...
    next time,