Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breakfast out at home

I felt like going out for breakfast this morning.

But, since I am trying to practice more self-control and stay focused on a task, I decided to make a breakfast out at home.

One egg over-easy, country potatoes and a side of fruit.

Oh, and the most important element - a bottomless mug of coffee!

The best part about having breakfast out at home? Everything was cooked just the way I like it - the country potatoes were extra crispy - the egg was over easy but just a touch on the medium side and the coffee was really strong :-)

I have finally found a cooking method for the cubed potatoes that works well. Usually, I have to resort to adding water in at the end because the potatoes are browned but not tender.

Today I started the potatoes off on medium-high heat with some coconut oil. I tossed them about three times until they just started to get some color.

Then I turned down the heat to medium-low and let them cook for another 10 minutes - tossing occasionally.

Yup, the trick to country potatoes is patience :-)


  1. The potatoes look great. To save time I microwave the cut up potatoes for a few minutes and then crisp them up in the skillet.

  2. Yeah, I have tried that but I always end up with some potatoes that are over cooked and turn to mush in the pan.

    It is either my crappy microwave or just another technique I need to work on :-)