Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SoonDuBoo and shopping

I have been wanting to try out SGD Tofu House for a while.

Today, I got the chance. Before we started on our marathon shopping trip we stopped for an early lunch.

I had the original soft tofu soup. It arrived at the table still boiling away - 


And it came with an impressive array of sides:

Starting at the bottom going clockwise: Kimchi, glass noodles with soy, potatoes with a sweet soy sauce, pickled cucumber and sprouts.

Oh, and two others:


A raw egg.

I broke the egg into the broth as soon as the waiter set it down. I let the egg poach while I enjoyed the side dishes.

The kimchi was wonderful. Normally, I can't eat it because it is so spicy it upsets my stomach - but this one had just a hint of spice.

But my favorite of the side dishes was the seasoned potatoes. Mmmmm!

My friend got the tofu salad.

She said it was wonderful and she finished every bite.

With our stomachs full, we headed out for an afternoon of shopping. 

I went a little crazy at Target and brought home these:

Cute new bowls.

And I picked up a fun item I will have to find a use for:

This was the face Connor made when he realized I didn't pick up any rawhides:

A look of disdain.


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