Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crispy cod with a spicy lemon yogurt sauce

At noon time I wanted fish and I also wanted some steamed veggies.

Crispy cod over a bed of steamed carrot and zucchini with a spicy lemon yogurt sauce.

I pan fried the fish over medium high heat. I kept the preparation simple. I just cut up the fish in chunks and rolled them in a mixture of half flour and half Matzo Meal.

Keep a close eye on the fish while it is in the pan. Turn each piece as soon as you see the underside starting to turn golden brown.

Drain the fish on paper towels. 

Then I chopped one carrot and two small zucchini and tossed them in the steamer. I cut them small so they were done in about 7 minutes.

Next, I made the sauce.

Spicy lemon yogurt sauce.
I have no real amounts for this one I just kept adding a little of this and that until it tasted great. But I can tell you I did start with 2 Tbsp. of greek yogurt and mixed in some chicken broth, ground cumin, lemon juice and taco seasoning.

This dish was pretty even before the sauce :-)

The Matzo Meal made the fish extra crispy.

I drizzled the sauce over the top.

This turned out much better than I thought. The slightly spicy, lemony sauce was a great creamy accent to the crispy fish.

The sauce made its way down to the vegetables and OMG! I could have just kept adding more and more sauce and eaten it like a soup :-)

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  1. Your dish looks yummy. I love how you come up with these creative dishes.