Friday, March 25, 2011

Bacalao emapanadas

Just like the rest of you, I was getting tired of tofu.

Don't get me wrong, the recipes turned out great but I just wanted something different tonight.

And, nope, I didn't forget the salted cod soaking in the fridge.

Enter tonight's dinner:

Bacalao empanadas.
It started with the dough which you can find the recipe for here. Thanks Jenna!

The pizza dough after rising for one hour.
I put half the dough in the freezer and had fun with the rest.

In a fry pan, I put some garlic and onion with olive oil on medium heat.

Then I added in some canned chopped tomatoes with a bay leaf and some black pepper.

After that hung out for a bit I pulled out a piece of the cod from the fridge, shook off the excess water, tore it into chunks and added into the pan.

I let it simmer until the tomatoes released most of their liquid and the sauce started to get a bit dry. Remember to pull out the bay leaf before you use it to fill the dough.

Then I rolled out the dough and spooned in the Bacalao.

Then I used a fork to seal up the edges.

Then I whisked one egg.

I brushed the egg wash over all.

One of the empanadas was prettier than the other...

They went into a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

How did the empanadas turn out? 

Incredibly delicious!! But I love cod - you could put cod in anything and I would be happy.

But this dish turned out savory and just a bit spicy (yeah, I was very generous with the black pepper) and the dough was mouthwatering.

I give this dish 5 thumbs up.

But what am I going to do with these?

Pizza dough disk.
It may make an appearance at breakfast tomorrow - who knows.


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