Friday, March 25, 2011

Fruit soup

The workers told me yesterday they will be cutting down the tree in my patio.

I love this tree. It is one of the reasons I rented this apartment. But, apparently, there is a new policy in the complex that forbids trees in the patios. Sigh.

I am hoping that the tree guys:

1. Are unable to work in the torrential down pours that are happening today.

2. Are too busy chopping down everyone else's trees and don't get to mine so that I get to enjoy my tree for another weekend.

The next item up on the soy front? Soft tofu.

I combined a good size chunk of the tofu with an apple, an orange, some blueberries, Kyo-Green and some Udo's oil

It turned out to have the consistency of a thick, fruit soup.

Topped with almond slivers.

The combination of fruit was spot-on and the tofu added a nice creaminess to the smoothie without interferring with the taste of the fruit.

And coffee.

A healthy serving of protein plus tons of fruit? I think I will be making more of these!

The dogs enjoyed this:

Apple slices with a large dollop of peanut butter.

A good start to the day for all of us :-)

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  1. you missed your calling should be a chef...heather