Friday, March 25, 2011

Yuba fettucini and dogs love tofu skin

When I was cooking up the tofu skins last night, the dogs were interested but I thought it was the smell of the soy sauce mixture I braised it in.

Nope, this seems to be a lingering obsession. When I brought out the Yuba (tofu skin) at lunch time, both dogs were standing by the table sucking in air like were trying to vacuum it off the table.

To me, at least, this stuff doesn't have a smell - but to them it might as well have been Fillet Mignon.

But I digress, first my lunch:

Yuba fettucini with cherry tomatoes and garlic in tomato basil cream sauce.
 I started by putting 1 Tbsp. of olive oil in a saute pan and pan roasted 3 cloves of garlic and a few cherry tomatoes over low heat. 

When the garlic had roasted and perfumed the oil - I pulled out the tomatoes and garlic.

I then cut the Yuba into fettucini size strips.

Then I carefully separated the strips.

Then I tossed the Yuba strips into the saute pan with the seasoned oil. I gently tossed them until they were warmed through.

I poured in 2 Tbsp. of the tomato basil cream sauce and continued to gently turn the Yuba until it absorbed all of the sauce.

I then added back in the tomatoes and cloves of roasted garlic.

A sprinkle of parsley over top.

This was amazing! The Yuba stayed chewy but it was more like a slightly underdone al dente. What I liked most about it was how the tofu skin absorbed all of the sauce to each strip was packed full with saucy goodness and savory garlic flavor.

Now, back to the dogs:

I cleaned the saute pan and added back in some fresh olive oil. I sauteed them until they were crispy and brown.

Connor had started to keen constantly at this point - insane anticipation? It isn't pretty.

Crispy Yuba.

Evidence that the dogs were excited:

Was Abby excited? Check!

Another "Where's Waldo" shot of Connor:

Yup, that is the tip of his nose in the lower left-hand corner. Was Connor excited? Check!

They were both bouncing in place they were so excited:-)

And this is why I never make assumptions about what my dogs want/need in their diet. If you listen they will tell you every time.

So, now you know, dogs (well, my dogs at least) LOVE tofu skin - who would have thunk it?

Woot! it is Friday! Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. you have a keen nack for making everything look appetizing...cause tofu anything is not my favorite and that looks it is great for dogs diet too...maybe i will break down and get some for tiger...