Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A surprise and the secret ingredient

I am sure I noticed, when I was feeding the dogs dinner last night, that the kibble container was empty. 

I suppose if I only fed kibble - the empty dog food container would hold more significance. Last night, I am sure (at least this is what I tell myself), I just shrugged and thought, "I will need to cook the dogs breakfast."

But in my pre-caffeinated state this morning, it was a surprise :-)

This was my breakfast:

This was the dogs breakfast:

This is not a snack portion - but a meal size portion. Abby's meal on the right is slightly smaller.

I will admit to being clumsy and losing the yolk out of Abby's soft boiled egg while I was peeling it. Hence the extra little bit of smoked salmon on her plate.

If you haven't guessed yet - the secret ingredient is Tobiko!

I have been trying to get more caviar into my diet. The nutritional power punch it provides (Omega-3's, calcium, phosphorus, protein, iron, magnesium, Vitamins B12, B6, B2, C, A and D and amino acids).

But it is high in sodium and cholesterol - so it is best served not as the main meal, but as a garnish.

Brown rice with fish sauce and wakame with a soft boiled egg and tobiko.

Soft boiled egg with tobiko and a crispy potato slice on greek yogurt topped with tobiko and scallion.

A refreshing glass of lemonade in my new, very pretty glass.
Time to get some work done!


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