Saturday, April 23, 2011

Siggi's and surfers

With my ongoing love of Siggi's yogurt (check out my first Siggi's post here) - I was excited to find this at the store yesterday:

Siggi's drinkable yogurt.
These little bottles come in different flavors, but me being me, I opted for the plain version.

As with the yogurt, this little gem was creamy and thick with minimal tartness. I would recomend trying this even if you prefer sweeter yogurts - I think you will be pleasantly suprised by this one.

My sister has this great coffee machine at her beach house.

It looks fairly intimidating but lucky for me, the last place I worked had a similar machine so I was able to play this maching like a concert pianist - the results:

A nice big frothy mug of caffeine!
We are going out for brunch later so I just had a little something to tide me over.

And my green drink:

Next, we headed out for an early morning walk on the beach.

Someone was checking me out!

And we saw some surfers:

Happy Saturday everyone!


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