Thursday, April 21, 2011

A surprising find

The thing I love about the day before leaving on a trip? You have a great excuse to eat out.

And I had a bunch of choices to choose from:

I'd been here before so I kept looking.

Now this next one I was really tempted by - really tempted. People rave about this place.

Burgers, burgers, burgers!!
But since I am still at the beginning stages of figuring out how much fat per day is too much fat (avoiding pain has been a great motivator) I don't trust myself to go in there quite yet. 

I ended up here:

My sister has said great things about the place so I decided to give it a try.

They make it really easy to make choices here. Calories are listed for each menu item!

I went for the HealthMex Mahi Mahi plate and while I was waiting for my order I noticed this:

It looks like the chips were contributing for most of the calorie increase when you order a plate instead of a single taco - which usually means they are high in fat.

So, when I got home I started out with this:

2 mahi mahi fish tacos, chips and beans.

I got on the Rubios website and checked out the fat content of the items. The large chips (and I was guesstimating this portion was on the large size) adds 29 grams of fat - Yikes!

*note* when you look at the site make sure you look at the nutritional stats on individual items because the nutritional stats on the plates includes everything.

The two tacos and the beans ends up around 6 grams of fat. Much better. So my lunch looked like this:

Two HealthMex mahi mahi tacos and beans.
It seems that they make these fresh because the fish was incredibly tender.

And I almost forgot my drink. I was pleased to find they had unsweetened tea and lo-cal lemonade so I mixed them half and half.

It was a great lunch - filling and flavorful. 

I bought stuff in preparation for the trip. You would think I was going away for weeks, lol - I am just away for the weekend - but the pre-trip prep I always find fun.

More on the purchases at dinner -


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