Monday, April 18, 2011

The game plan and herbed egg whites

I looked over the eating plan my sister's had tried.

The important highlights?

- lots of fruits and vegetables

- low fat (but not non-fat)

- small amounts of protein at almost every meal

- eating small portions 

- no dairy

So that will be my game plan for the moment. 

By the time dinner rolled around I was ready for some protein.

Herbed egg white sandwich.

I scrambled 3 egg whites with a pinch of dried basil and parsley.

An Orowheat Sandwich Thin went into the toaster.

I also had a bit of the coconut juice left so that was my drink with dinner.

And I had another bag of the Brainberries.

I am surprised by how much I like these blueberries. I have been avoiding blueberries at the local store because they have been too sour. But I was thrilled when these Brainberries turned out nice and sweet.


  1. oh wow, i'm intrigued by those brain berries. are they simply bagged fresh blueberries?? they look delicious!

  2. You know I'm still scared to try egg whites, haha. I just got into eating scrambled eggs after having egg phobia for a long time. I had a very bad experience with a hard boiled egg when I was a kid. But your egg whites look great!!

  3. @mitzi - they are just bagged fresh blueberries - I usually avoid things that have lots of packaging but I had never seen them before so I decided to give them a try.

    @WillJogForFood - The only way I can stand to eat egg whites is to add tons of seasoning and let the egg sit in a pan on low heat and when it is still just a bit undercooked - I pull it off the heat and use chopsticks (or a fork) to scramble them - there is enough residual heat in the pan to finish the cooking.