Saturday, April 30, 2011

And my favorite oyster is...

I have been wanting to add oysters into my diet for a while.

I did eat them in college but it was more of a dare and the guys would always pick the biggest and grossest oysters to try.

As an adult, I wanted to try them on my own terms.

So, with a friend I went here tonight:

And I was brave enough to try the oysters.

We picked the mixed plate, 2 Bluepoints, 2 Malaspina and 2 Kumamoto.

The small ones (the one that is empty is the Kumamoto, the next are the Malaspina (I think) and the next are the Bluepoints.

I will tell you right now I am not a fan of the big oysters.

The small oysters? The Kumamoto? They were like eating fried clams with a dollop of butter, sweet and rich and just my taste. 

I also enjoyed the crab cocktail:

And my friend picked the Manhattan chowder:

My friend enjoyed the oysters on the crusty bread -

A day of firsts - finding oysters I actually liked!

Night all.


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