Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laptops and lunch

Today was busy.

I tried installing Windows 7 on my laptop only to find out I didn't have enough RAM.

Off to the geek store to buy more RAM.

I tear apart my laptop - get it installed - load Windows 7 - which, of course, now cannot recognize my graphics card.

Sigh, it is a work in progress.

So, no posts of dinner tonight as I will be doing endless searches online for a solution to my laptop problems - but I will post my lunch.

Quinoa with roasted eggplant.
 I combined the leftover quinoa (1/2 cup) with the leftover eggplant mixture (1/2 cup). Tasty, fast and satisfying. 

 I also picked up this at the geek store:

It turns out that trying to mask the flavor of the coconut with berry flavor? Not such a great idea.

I did further research on my motherboard and possible upgrades and the geek consensus seems to be - there is no easy way to upgrade the video card on this laptop - most of the posts included exclamations of glee, "Great excuse for a new laptop!!!"

At this point in the laptop dilemma I am faced with two choices:

1) Just put up with the default generic video setting which is making every image distorted on the screen and just hope my postings will look OK.

2) Do the crazy option of getting a new laptop that has a setup that will easily allow me to upgrade.

It takes me forever to decide on buying anything so I am sure it will be option 1.


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