Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rice, egg and miso, Oh my!

I am going to share one of my favorite breakfasts:
Miso broth and a poached egg over seasoned rice.

I cooked 1/3 of a cup of rice with 2/3 a cup of water. When the rice was finished cooking (about 10 minutes) I sprinkled in some soy sauce.

Then I made a simple broth with miso - (1 cup of water simmered with 1 Tbsp. of miso).

Mmmm, miso broth!

How do you eat this? With lots and lots of these:

This is my usual process:

First I break up the egg and mix it with the rice.

Then I take a strip of nori and dip it into the miso.


Everyone into the pool.

The dunk.

Take it out when it becomes pliable - this takes about 3 seconds.

Lay the nori over the rice/egg mixture.

Place your chopsticks on either end of the nori.

Pinch the nori together, scooping up a bit of the rice and egg.

And bring that little nugget of deliciousness straight to your mouth.

I was horrified when I realized that I only had 10 pieces of nori left!!! This led to me digging around the cupboards for more but all I ended up with was this:

Two containers of nori strips.

Both were empty:-((

Which made me realize 2 things:

1) I need more nori strips

2) I eat an enormous amount of seaweed

At this point, I am guessing a good 30% of my body is made up of kelp. I am hoping that this is a good thing.

The dogs are getting an extra special treat later today AND I am going to try my hand at cooking something I have never cooked before.

Happy Sunday!


  1. gah! I loveeeee miso soup. And I had rice and egg for breakfast only this morning! But seaweed? Only on sushi, otherwise it's too fish :)

  2. i make something like that and it's a childhood fave! i pop the yolk over rice add soy sauce, sesame seed oil and some sesames and eat with seaweed as well!!