Friday, April 29, 2011

I blame the wedding

This morning's breakfast had a crispy theme.

Herbed scrambled egg whites, crispy spinach and crispy sweet potatoes.

I chopped up sweet potato and threw that along with a handful of frozen spinach into the steamer for about 6 minutes.

Then the partially cooked potatoes and the steamed spinach went into a saute pan on medium high heat until crispy and brown.

The potatoes turned out very pretty - 

And because y'all deserve a giggle on this Friday morning - 

Yup, I burnt some of them to a crisp.

They were in the pan when Kate Middleton's older sister started walking into the church. OMG~! that dress was gorgeous!

So, that is why the potatoes burned. I blame the royal wedding.

The spinach turned out nice and crispy - 

This morning I managed to cook the eggs perfectly. They turned out light, airy and dare I say it, ethereal.

But check out the color - 

Herbed scrambled egg whites with paprika, basil, parsley tumeric (unfortunately), salt and pepper.

They turned out a Snookie-like orange :-(

How did that happen? 

I was about to add in the spices to the egg whites when the first shots of Kate Middleton's wedding dress came on the TV. When I got back to the stove I reached for the tumeric instead of the paprika.

So, that is why my scrambled eggs are orange. Again, I blame the royal wedding.

Oh, and just so you know - tumeric is not the best spice to add to scrambled egg whites...

I also had a big mug of tea. And I will give you one more laugh before I go.

While I was taking the wide shot of my breakfast - 

This happened -

The next moment I was yelling, "No, no, no!!" Connor immediately backed off - but not before managing to lick two of the potatoes.


But I can't blame the royal wedding for that one. It was my fault that I put the plate too close to the edge of the table.  But, of course, I had no idea that crispy sweet potatoes would be irresistible to Connor.

Yes, the dogs did get one piece of crispy sweet potato (previously licked by Connor) each.

Woot! It is Friday:-)

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  1. Thank you for sharing a good laugh! It sounds like you've gotten most of the glitches out of the way, so you should have smooth sailing for your upcoming weeks of cooking.