Saturday, April 16, 2011

Avocado facial mask and a simple soup

I knew my lunch was going to be fast and simple - so while waited for it to cook I made myself an avocado facial mask.

Gather these ingredients:

Plain yogurt, avocado and honey.

All mixed up.
Avocado facial mask

1/2 an avocado, mashed

1 Tbsp. of honey

1/2 Tbsp. of plain yogurt


Mash the avocado together with the honey and yogurt. Spread the mixture over your face and neck. Leave on 20 minutes. Rinse off mask with tepid water.

Oh, and if you have dogs - Do not sit on the couch while your mask marinates. The dogs will jump up to sit next to you and lean over to helpfully lick off the food item that is rubbed all over your face:-)

What did I have cooking for lunch? This recipe is my sister's. She used to have it on her weekly dinner menu rotation.

This soup is incredibly easy to make in small or big portions so it perfect for feeding 1 or 2 people or a whole family. 

Gather the following ingredients:

Tortellini of your choice (I used a spinach and cheese tortellini)

Celery, chopped

Canned, chopped tomatoes


Chicken broth

I put 2 cups of chicken broth in a sauce pan and brought it up to a simmer. Then I tossed in one stalk of chopped celery, 2 Tbsp. of chopped tomatoes, one handful of fresh spinach and a handful of tortellini.

I let it simmer until the celery was tender and the tortellini floated to the top of the broth.

This soup is also kid friendly. As the little ones fish out the tortellini - it is almost impossible not to pick up some of the vegetables:-)

And I also munched on an apple.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Sounds like a nice and simple mask. What is it supposed to do for your skin exactly?

  2. I have dry skin so it is a moisturizing mask.

    I added in the honey because it supposedly calms inflammation and irritation.