Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hiccups and weight loss

So my posts have been intermittent the lately. Why? 

One word. 


Not a bad headache. Not an intense headache. 

A migraine.

Those of you that have them know what I am talking about.

And, for me, the only thing to do is take medicine and essentially be asleep for hours until it goes away.

The food related aspect? I have been craving potassium.

French green beans, potatoes with chives and greek yogurt and turkey.
Why potassium? I have no idea. 

I do have a guess about why I have been having migraines. I have been trying to cut down on caffeine and I have probably been doing it too abruptly.

I had very little caffeine the last few days and then I had a big 'ol cup of joe from the convenience store yesterday which apparently was too much for my delicate blood vessels and BOOM - migraine.

Which is why I am awake at 1:30 am posting - I did one errand today (technically yesterday) and got home and the migraine hit. Then enter medicine - cue sleep - and yeah, I just woke up - at 1:30 am.

But I did get lovely pictures of my lunch even though I was not awake long enough to post them yesterday.

So, sorry for the hiccups in posting - I am off to defrost a croissant for tomorrow's breakfast.

Oh, and another update - my eating approach has resulted in weight loss - 10 pounds to be exact (since January). 

The non diet approach seems to be working :-)