Thursday, April 21, 2011

Imagination at work

You know what happens when you go to this store -

the day before you drop your dogs off at the dog 'hotel' and you are filled with doggie mom guilt?

You end up bringing home this:

A bulk size bag of rawhides.
My other purchases that were not bought in a guilt filled haze:

I know it is not eco-friendly to buy these. I should be filling up reusable bottles to bring my toiletries but I just love these miniature darlings. They bring back great memories of past trips.

My lunch held off hunger for quite a while so I ate dinner pretty late.

I used my imagination and put together this odd collection of characters.

Edamame, grapes,coleslaw and blueberries.
Everything got thrown into a bowl and since I am slowly working yogurt back into my diet - I stirred in some greek yogurt (I think blue cheese dressing would also work well if you want something a little sweeter).

I thought it was going to taste awful but I was surprised. I ended up eating it in stages - First, I ate all the edamame with the coleslaw first (I love edamame). Next I scooped up the grapes one by one. And lastly, the sweet blueberries.

And, it turns out that eating it in that order created a nice progression from savory to sweet/sour and finishing with crunchy sweet. Yum!

And in one of my many impulse purchases - I couldn't resist this at the store - 

I admit, it was the tagline that pulled me in. I am a sucker for a good tagline.

Night all!

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