Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to go a'visiting

I am burnt out this evening. 

My computer decided to do a hard restart (for some mysterious reason) and I lost a huge amount of data:-(

Luckily, all of my writing (a.ka. 'the book') is stored on a pen drive. But it did bring about the harsh reality that I do need to start backing up my hard drive. 

Terabyte storage drive here I come!

Dinner was light and easy:

Corn on the cob with salt and paprika and a simple green salad.

Having corn on the cob always reminds me of summertime barbecues.

I do need to pick up a salad bowl that holds enough for one because my noodle bowl falls a bit short.

I just got an invite to a spontaneous mid-week movie night. I will have to dig through my DVD's to see if I have any movies that don't require the use of brain cells, i.e. Inception would be out :-)

Time to go a'visiting. Night all!


  1. i haven't had corn on the cob in FOREVER! i need to change that. have a great movie night, i need one of those!

  2. oh no sorry about your data! that happened to me once and it sucked