Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sriracha gum drops

My guilt-free day is going very well.

I went for a long walk with the dogs.

I took a long bath got to use my new soap:

This soap is made with grass fed beef tallow.

The bar does have a slightly 'tallow' smell - but it did leave my skin really soft and no tallow smell remained on my skin after I rinsed off.

For lunch I made these:

These are russian meat dumplings. I especially love the picture of the guy on the package :-)

I boiled them in salted water until they floated. 

I seasoned mine with Sriracha sauce.

The Sriracha ended up looking like bright red gum drops on the dumplings.

These dumplings were delicious and fast - I did my best not to feel guilty that I did not include any vegetables in my lunch.

The dogs got to enjoy one dumpling each. And, as usual, their snack ended up looking better than mine.

And, nope, that is not Sriracha sauce on the dog's treat - it is a squirt of ketchup :-)

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