Friday, April 15, 2011

It's all about the portions

It was another one of those early mornings.

Something tells me I shouldn't be up before the street lamps turn off...

But since I was awake I decided I might as well get busy.

I put the beans I had soaking overnight on the stove to simmer.

I pulled out this from the refrigerator:

It says it is a portion(s) and I was planning on having it for dinner but I knew it was way too big for one meal.

The dogs got the better end of this portion dilema.

The portion on the right is the one destined to be my dinner. The three on the left will be the dogs breakfast and mine as well.
I cooked up a mix of 1/2 quinoa and 1/2 basmati rice.

The halibut went into a saute pan on medium heat and got a quick sear.

I also had some pine nuts, olives and yogurt in the fridge so I created a sauce for the dog's breakfast.

I did soak the olives in water for a bit - otherwise they would have been too salty for the dogs.

The dog's breakfast pre-saucing:

And post-saucing:

This was my meal.

Quinoa and rice with seared Halibut plus seasoned nori strips, miso broth and some of the cooked kidney beans.
 Check out this post to see how I go about eating this.

I ended up eating all of the fish, most of the rice/quinoa, all of the miso broth and only a couple of bites of the beans.

The beans will be making an appearance later today :-)


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