Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to face facts

So on Saturday night you may remember I went out to eat here:

And I ate this:

And it was delicious. I enjoyed every bite. 

But as I sat up that night with raging heartburn, I realized it was time to face facts.

My family (at least the female half) all have with age - developed a sensitivity to high fat foods.

I have been in full blown denial that this oh-so-fun-genetic-legacy had finally started to affect me. Sure, I made small concessions but I never took it that seriously.

My sister's were completely unsurprised when, after they had seen what I had posted as my dinner, I was stuck home the next day nursing a bum stomach.

Two of my sisters (yup, I have more than two) said they enjoyed blissfully calm stomachs following Tracy Anderson's 30 day method diet. I was pleased to find that I actually had a copy of the book in my bookshelf.

While I read up on what might have been the reason for my sister's happy tummies while on that eating plan, I am gingerly sipping on a smoothie.

1/2 a banana, one scoop of Amazing Grass, 1 packet of blueberries and young coconut juice.

It doesn't look very pretty but it tastes OK and so far feels soothing on my tummy.

Connor got a couple of bites of banana because it is his second favorite (after peanut butter, of course).

And, yes, there was a point to this post. From now on I am going to have a go at embracing my gastrointestinal reality with a positive attitude (someday - right now I am still wallowing in bitterness and self-righteous indignation).

So there will be a shift towards a lower fat diet. Hopefully, I will figure out how to go about this without being stuck surviving on a diet of steamed veggies and rice...


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