Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun can be measured in blurry photos

I was going to post about my favorite take out meal - but the light got away from me today. Don't worry, I will post it tomorrow.

But, I did forget to tell you about our very fun dinner at Benihana's.

And if fun can be measured by how blurry photos are - you will see that I had a very fun time at this dinner.

The doorway to fun and food.

I am not really a Benihana kind of person - but going there with a bunch of family makes it very fun.

The table - waiting for food.

My niece got the eel roll - she had to remind me to take a picture of it - I was having too much fun!

Everyone got soup.

And a shrimp appetizer. I don't like shrimp so I gave mine to my brother.

 My brother got the teryaki beef.

I ordered the lemon chicken.

There were two sauces on the side - supposedly one was for the meat and one for the veggies.

And there ends my Easter weekend posts. 

Night everyone!