Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheesy grits with fluffy scrambled eggs

In case you missed it - I put up an About page. It is a work in progress (read: endless editing to occur for the foreseeable future) but I took everyone's advice and stopped thinking so much about it (ha ha!) and just put something up there.

The ensemble for this morning's breakfast:

Eggs, quick cooking grits and nutritional yeast.

You may be wondering why nutritional yeast is making an appearance so often lately. Well, the reason is that I finally found some Red Star nutritional yeast which (if online reviews are to be believed) has the best flavor.

So, I have been trying it out in different recipes. And this morning it was going into the grits.

I cooked 1 serving of grits according to the package directions - I don't like my grits thick so I added in a bit more water.

When the grits finished cooking I stirred in 2 Tbsp. of nutritional yeast for a cheesy finish.

They are a bit hard to see but there are cheesy grits under there.
Then I whisked 1 whole egg and 1 egg white in a bowl with dried parsley, dried basil and salt and pepper. The eggs cooked on low and pulled off the heat while they were still a bit undercooked. 

At this point I get out chopsticks (for some reason a fork just doesn't work as well) and scramble/fluff the eggs while they finish cooking from the residual heat in the pan. 

The meal was rounded out with a bowl of blueberries and some tea with soy milk.

What do I think of the Red Star nutritional yeast? I can see why people prefer it - It definitely has a stronger cheddar flavor and if you are using nutritional yeast to replace cheese? The extra cheddar flavor is a big plus.

I am planning on making a homemade version of my favorite take out dish tonight - Time to go shopping for the ingredients!


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